We stand. Divided, we fall.

Unyted -1. made one: COMBINED
2: related to or produced by joint action
3: being in agreement: HARMONIOUS this is exactly what the sensational Soul / Jazz musical group "UNYTED!" stands for. Led by Massachusetts own Monty Montgomery and Gregory Goldfarb, their new music is a collection of the classics we all grew up on; Soul/Funk R&B and Jazz. It's just that good ole feel good music. Their up-tempo version of Smokey Robinson's "Ooh baby baby" is the perfect example of why Monty and Greg still remain relevant in this era of Hip-Hop and Dance/Pop music. They do not resort to whatever is hot at the moment for expanding and creating ideas. Forever true to their sound, originality and fearlessness.

When asked what motivates them to continue to perform the classic love ballads, they explain "For no reason, but to express what is in our soul. The soul, creation, and music are intertwined. We were inspired by a tradition of soulful singers; people who created timeless music and positive change in the world. We listen to a lot of newer music now so our influences continue to grow, so our music has become a blend of many changes, musical styles and traditions."

Opening for great acts such as, Atlantic Star, Blue Magic, The Delfonics, Stylistics, Vesta and many more, Unyted! has wowed sold out crowds both stage-side and abroad with there emotionally powerful songs, energetic spirit, and electrifying shows. The new album's mix of soulful grooves and thought-provoking lyrics introduced the world to a multi-faceted group of artist and songwriters, known as much for their community activism as they are for their lush romantic ballads.

Monty and Greg's quest and passion now is to enlighten their audience with a new image, conquering new musical horizons as they perform spreading love and touching hearts of their fans and gaining new ones that will no doubt embrace their new group Unyted!!!

Monty and Greg
  • Monty Montgomery - Vocals
  • Gregory Goldfarb - Flute